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Granite County

Welcome to "The Last Best Place"

There are endless reasons we live and work in Granite County.  Our small mountain community has an incredible tight knit affinity that is always welcoming new members and always takes care of each other.  But thats not all that draws us to stay, we are surrounded by endless miles of wilderness, nature, and big sky country. All filled with endless activities and everything we love to do in the great outdoors.


Nestled right next to the Anaconda Pintler Range of the Rocky Mountains, we like to think we are in the perfect location.  Right in-between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, next to Rock Creek our very own Blue Ribbon Trout stream, and surrounded by wildlife filled with incredible Elk and Deer hunting territory. There's never nothing to do!

If you're interested in a Career with Granite County Medical Center, come join us in living, playing, and working in Philipsburg - "The Last Best Place". Available job listings can be viewed below, apply today!

Job Listings

Job Listings

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