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Meet Jill Weibie: Our CT Scanner Director

Granite County Medical Center recently opened its new CT scanning Suite. The entire project was almost completely funded through grants and donations and this new state of the art equipment will allow many opportunities for additional imaging services. Joining our community to oversee the expanding Radiology Department and the operation of the machine is Jill Weible.

Jill grew up in the rural Washington Gorge area. She went to school in the Air Force in the early 90s and was on active duty for 20 years after that; flying around the world in a Loadmaster C-141, joining the Portland Air National Guard, and finally going to school for radiology.

When thinking about retiring from the force, Jill says relocating to Montana was at the front of her mind. She was initially attracted to Montana from friends and family who live in southwest Montana and says she had always thought about relocating here. Jill's love for hiking, side-by-side rides, and river rafting made Montana an ideal location. Her two blue-heelers are happy about it too.

What she likes most about Philipsburg is the people are easy going and helpful, "I could retire here", she says with a smile on her face. Her vision for the department is making sure the community knows it's there, she says she's come across some people who still don't know about the recently installed scanner. "We're looking to get a new X-Ray room and a portable xray machine. At that point, if there's a trauma, we have the capability to take care of it like a well-oiled machine. As far as inpatient, out-patient, and emergency services, the CT Department has the capability to do what we need it to"

This new equipment allows opportunities for additional services, such as orthopedics, medical specialists, urologists. It all comes down to improving the lives of Granite County residents. "It's got huge potential, we started small and grew".

Northwest Health Physicists have come and done inspections, to make sure all levels are in check, and the department is getting accredited by the American College of Radiology, "We are constantly trying to make it better as a system"

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