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New Developments in GCMC Radiology Department

Granite County Medical Center’s Radiology Department has recently undergone some exciting

changes. Earlier this year, the department replaced the portable X-ray machine and acquired a

new CT scanner. We are also anticipating the installation of a new Carestream digital DRX

Ascend ceiling mounted X-ray machine in January 2021. With these upgrades GCMC will now

be able to provide higher quality images faster than before as well as provide new imaging

services to patients in and around Granite County.

The new portable X-Ray machine is a Carestream digital DRX Revolution. The upgrade to a

digital unit will eliminate the time needed to process films manually and will send the X-ray

images directly to the PACS system so they can be interpreted by the remote Radiologist. This

will provide expedited results allowing a faster diagnosis and the initiation of prompt definitive

treatment. GCMC is going a step further and also exploring the now expanded capabilities of

the department in hopes of providing our community with interventional pain management and

procedures such as joint injections.

The Radiology Department has also purchased and installed a GE Revolution EVO 64 slice CT

scanner. Computed Tomography (CT) is the gold standard in imaging for nearly all body

imaging and is the preferred imaging modality for traumas because it provides high detail

resolution images in seconds. While X-ray provides vital information about bones, CT provides

detailed imaging of bones as well as soft tissues in the body. ER providers now have this tool at

their disposal thus increasing the ability to diagnose and treat a broader spectrum of patients.

This reduces the number of transfers and keeps health care local. Patients in Granite County

previously had to drive or be transferred to Missoula, Anaconda or Butte to access CT services.

Now our community members can receive this advanced imaging right in their hometown.

Radiology Director, Jill Weible states that GCMC is able to offer same day, non emergent CT

scans that do not require prior-authorization from insurance.

Finally, the addition of the Carestream digital DRX Ascend ceiling mounted X-ray machine

within the Radiology Department will provide the same benefits as the portable X-ray machine

and more. These benefits include faster image processing and higher quality images. GCMC is

slated to install the new machine in January.

Granite County Hospital District is listening to our community and adding the services you need.

We remains focused on always improving your hometown healthcare. GCHD is thrilled to be

able to provide our patients with these new and upgraded services. If you would like more

information about these changes and how they could improve your access to imaging services

at GCMC, please contact, Jill Weible at 406-859-3271.

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