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Thank you, Granite County!

Thank you, Granite County for supporting of the current Hospital District Mill Levy. Only through the generous support of our community, has the Granite County Hospital District sustained vital healthcare services locally.  In the last year, you made it possible for GCHD to provide...

Long term care:  30 of our elderly in need were provided a caring home Hospital services:  46 community members were hospitalized for a total of 209 days Outpatient Clinic:  2,361 clinics visits were performed in Philipsburg and Drummond Laboratory:  10,627 diagnostic tests were completed Physical Therapy: 834 visits  helped patients regain strength and mobility We are listening and take your healthcare needs very seriously.  After conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment, GCHD recognized we must move forward and expand our Radiology services to best serve our patients.  In 2016, planning began to initiate CT scanning services at Granite County Medical Center.  It took 4 years to obtain the needed funding through grants and donations to make this dream a reality and I am pleased to announce that as of June 25, 2020, CT Scanning is now available in your hometown. In an effort to give back to our community, the Granite County Hospital District has also provided a weekly free shuttle from Philipsburg and Drummond to the community Food Pantry because we recognize the importance of good nutrition in maintaining one's health. We have provided House calls to the Homebound, low cost sports physicals for students and community education through weekly advertisements and seasonal events.

This is only possible because of your continued support. Thank you, Granite County!

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