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Charitable Contributors

The support and funding for

your rural healthcare

Granite County Hospital District receives it's funding primarily from payments for services rendered. 

That means most of what is required to meet

operational expenses is comprised of payments from

insurance companies and patients for

the care and services delivered.


As a rural healthcare facility, we ensure local patients have access to vital healthcare services and because we are

rural, we do not have the high volume of patients required

to financially sustain these important services.  

Since its inception, the Hospital District has required the

support of the citizens of Granite County in

the form of a mill levy. This community

contribution provides 10% of the Hospital District's

budget and is greatly appreciated, however even with this generous support, the Hospital District has no available capital to purchase or upgrade equipment.  It has been through the generosity of the H&R Thrift Store and the

Granite County Medical Foundation, that we have

maintained state of the art equipment to

provide the highest quality care to those we have the

privilege of serving.  Your donation sustains hometown healthcare in Granite County.

Granite County Medical Foundation

The Foundation of the Granite County Hospital District is to provide support to the Hospital District and to improve the lives of our community residents and patients through philanthropic efforts. The Foundation’s fundraising efforts are intended to advance excellence in Granite County’s health care services and health education by providing financial support to maintain these critical services.

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Thrift Store

As an Auxiliary for Granite County Hospital District and Rest Home, enough praise can't be given to what a benefit the H & R Thrift Shop is. Below is a list of just a few of the items that have bestowed to our hospital:

  • Nursing Home & Hospital Carpet

  • Hospital Beds and Mattresses

  • Lab Equipment for GCMC

  • Total Gym for the Physical Therapy

  • ER Gurney

  • Computer, Software, and Equipment

  • Blood Pressure Monitors

  • X-Ray Equipment

  • Nursing Station Remodel

  • Wheel Chairs

Please continue to take your used items to H & R for them to resale which will enable them to continue giving so many needed items!


You can donate too!

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