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Swing Bed Program

Sometimes a patient may have a need to remain hospitalized beyond the acute stage of a surgery, illness or injury. For instance, specific treatments such as physical therapy may be needed.

Our Swing Bed Program makes it possible to recover, close to home, family and friends;  in your hometown hospital receiving the additional care and therapy you need until you are able to return home.


What is the Swing Bed Program?

The Swing Bed Program is a short-stay program designed to serve patients who are in a transition phase of illness or injury and no longer require acute care services, yet are not recovered enough to go home. While in the Swing Bed Program, we provide restorative services daily. That may be in the form of continued treatment or Physical Therapy for strengthening, balance and most of all a successful and safe return to home



Who qualifies?

Medicare will pay for the Swing Bed Program following an acute hospital stay of at least three days when a patient requires additional skilled nursing or skilled therapy services.

What does Medicare cover?

Swing Bed services are covered under the Medicare skilled nursing facility benefit. Medicare will cover up to one hundred (100) days for a qualifying stay and twenty (20) additional days with a co-payment when Medicare criteria are met.  Other medical insurance carriers may cover the Swing Bed Program or a patient may pay with private funds.​

Qualifying Medical Criteria

  • Patient has a need for daily physical therapy

  • Patient has a need for intravenous (IV) or nutritional therapy

  • Patient has a need for specialized care of complex wounds

Additional Information:


Please call: (406)-859-3271


Everyday: 24/7

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